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Publicado el: 10/09/2011
Septembrer 30 media under government control
On September 30, the day of the uprising police, the government ordered a national chain. This Journal recapitulates what EcuadorTV broadcast on state television on the link and what was happening in the country and could not be transmitted.

The first order came at 11:30 as recorded in official notification of this recent September 30, when he set the chain of radio and television "indefinite and mandatory" in connection with the channel signal EcuadorTV government. And in the absence of immediate response from the media, who were in full police coverage of the revolt and its programs to air, another warning, signed by Under Secretary Patricio Barriga and repeating all the laws that could punish the media, had the same string from 13:00.

However, the state of exception that several officials and even President Rafael Correa, as a justification have been signed electronically by the President from the police hospital, where he received attention, at 13:21, as also found officially. At the nursing home, Correa said recently on CNN, "I kept always governing."

And then, from approximately 14:00, when he began to generalize the provision of mandatory and threatening to join the chain. From there are six hours (at 20:00, started the main channels switched off) in the country only knew one side of the story.

14:05. By order of the Government (as told to cut their emissions), television and private radio link to EcuadorTV (ECTV). It was, said one, a "national bond ordered by the government." At that time the officers interviewed the Roldosista half Bucaram Pulley Guayaquil. The cut and send a report of Hermes Campoverde of Gamatv in Guayaquil. Announce the video of the vice president"s press conference Lenin Moreno. For a technical failure in ECTV cut and continue Bucaram.

14:15. Omar Simon, president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), gives a press conference. He says that support democracy with representatives of other agencies and that assembly will make a statement. But cut and the signal returns to ECTV. Follow the interview with Bucaram. The screen is split in two and is the presenter (Alex Mora) making the cutting motion, what happens after it says: "My support for radical front, President Correa." The presenter said to be "creating opportunities for those who want to rule" and interview the Colonel (r) Carlos Arboleda, director of the AGD in the government of Lucio Gutierrez, who was arrested in 2005 for alleged embezzlement and released in 2007 by year without trial.

14:21. Were contacted by telephone the director of the Police Hospital (do not mention the name), who introduced Mora Maria Isabel Cevallos and ask under what conditions is the president: "Here the guards are watching ... We"ve heard is hostage, not because I consider should be with some people who retained. That is not happening because we are watching the President that is inclusive, communicating to the outside, "said the doctor.

14:23. Carondelet pass. Appears Alexis Mera, legal secretary of the Presidency, who with several questions, said: "The President is coming to Carondelet, is currently under medical care (...)". Then comes Freddy Ehlers, Minister of Tourism, and tells the media that asked to remain calm ... Cevallos Mora and instantly read the support of several regional presidents and a letter from the Directorate of Civil Aviation reported by the close of the Quito airport and announced that the Organization of American States (OAS) will meet, as UNASUR. Indicate that they are linked nationwide and connect with Gamatv, television featuring the words "Urgent" and spends some of the statements of Vice President. They ask: "It would be an ...?", challenge and Moreno says," If you mean the possibility of assuming the presidency, no, ma"am ...". Then interview Edgar Samaniego, rector of the Universidad Central de Quito.

14:40. Retake EcuadorTV signal. They spend a telephone interview the Minister Gustavo Jalkh, who speaks five minutes and reports that the protest is a group of enlisted personnel of the Police. Then comes Paul Granda (PAIS), mayor of Cuenca, who says that the police usually works. Leen support from Mexico and Spain, and also that assembly of several banks issued a statement from the CNE. Give way to the assembly site and speak to AP. They shout "Democracy yes, dictatorship ...!".

Interview with Wilson Alulema general, commander of the Third Police District. From Cuenca said that the south is quiet. Raul comes Vallejo, former education minister, who speaks ten minutes. Read Article 1 of the state of emergency decree signed by President Correa.

15:02. Reproduce some of the statements that the President gave the Public Radio, where he says: "... It is the opposition, this is a conspiracy, make no mistake, and will not achieve anything (...) ". After interviewing the secretary of the Administration, Vinicio Alvarado on the set, he says: "... We can not waver from suit, no matter how friendly they were ...". Gamatv pass, which is in Moreno. The journalist tells Correa Campoverde is "virtually imprisoned in the Police Hospital." Moreno calls to not further aggravate. After seven minutes EcuadorTV again follows the interview with Alvarado, who said: "The state is in the hands of the President of the Ecuadorian ...". After two minutes pass statements issued by Ernesto Gonzalez, head of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces. He says: "That attitude put down ...".

15:20. They return to Alvarado, who explains that there is now a state of social upheaval, but all this is a timely demand for a group of police improperly ... They spend four minutes and interview the prefect of Guayas, Jimmy Jairala, who relates that democracy must prevail. Six minutes later returned with Alvarado and announce that the president has spoken of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, and the OAS. Allen then asked if country will present the review. He responds that "... this will be the assembly option."

15:33. Cuenca is in contact with the Governor of Azuay, Paul Carrasco (PAIS), who called for calm. Rebroadcast statements González, head of Joint Command, now complete. "(...) The reason the root of this crisis (...) is the likely passage of the Organic Law of Public Service, for which we urge that the Act is revised or rescinded ...". They return to Alvarado. Are linked to a reporter at the airport in Quito, which indicates no activity.

15:43. Skype talk with the President of the Assembly, Fernando Cordero, from Spain. Coincides with the President that you can not step back. "Nobody is going to be so naive as to think that the troops ... between midnight and six o"clock, made this scandal, "he says. Seven minutes later interview Pablo Davila, chambers of industry and production, and connect to the balcony of the Palacio de Carondelet. A reporter explains that the place is full and Galo Mora interview, Correa"s personal secretary.

16:00. Pass through the TV set Ecuador the Ombudsman, Fernando Gutierrez, who says: "I can have different criteria from the President, that is one thing, but another is that as Defender let the President is locked", then Nathalie Celi, Coordinating Minister of Production. They say the Independence Square is full and say that Irina Cabezas, President (e) of the Assembly, spoke on CNN and spend a press conference she gave. "... For fair or unfair that may be the claims, we demand that this is not the way ...". Return to comment on the support of other countries.

16:11. Gamatv pass, which issued a news conference the mayor of Guayaquil, Jaime Nebot (MG). Two minutes later, from the Palacio de Carondelet appears the mayor of Quito, Augusto Barrera (PAIS), who for more than six minutes tells how your city. Then comes the Coordinating Minister of Politics, Doris Soliz, who said: "Our President is well, we talked ministers ...". Then give way to Esperanza Vera, president of the Board of the Special Economic Zones.

16:16. They read a manifesto of the OAS, which rejects "any attempt to destabilize the institutional order in the country." Reactions spend more of its members. Then, on the set, interview Washington Varela, mayor of Tena (Municipalista-country) and Guayaquil to the prefect of the Rivers, Mark Troy (PAIS), who stated that in his province everything is normal.

16:33. Are repeating the press conference of the armed forces, this time also complete. Four minutes later reappears in an interview, this time on the set, Assemblywoman Cabezas. The dialogue lasts more than five minutes and says that "the Assembly may consider the items raised, but not under pressure, not an attempt of kidnapping with the President ...".

16:41. Gamatv give way to where he talks now former Minister Gustavo Larrea. Supports the government, but also states: "Just as we demand that the National Police insubordinate respect rule of law, respect the Constitution, return to work, public safety, the government also must learn the lesson. We must rectify certain political behaviors. "

16:45. Ecuador soon give way to TV, then refer back to international support. Passing shots of the Plaza de la Independencia, say they are people who will be a vigil into the night and for the sake of democracy. After interviewing René Espin, president of the Journalists Association of Pichincha, then, from Guayaquil, you make a note to the secretary of the Association of Municipalities of Ecuador (AME), Johnny Firmat, and Carrera César Fajardo, Rural Social Security. "We are ready to fight in defense of democracy and citizens" revolution" he notes.

17:00. Pass a special report from several provinces. At a press conference in the Governor of Guayas, Joel Loaiza, provincial police commander, said "there was no insubordination, disobedience but merely" appear John Ruales, commander of the Fourth District, and Gov. Robert Leather. They spend a chronicle of the protest in Cuenca. Repeat a note of the endorsement given by the Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos. After six minutes intervenes Diego Borja, president of the Central Bank.

17:16. Recurrence of the video of the press conference of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces. Spend some shots of the demonstrations in Quito, and then the president of AER Guayas, Otto Sonnenholzner in Guayaquil. Set back to Quito and interview the father Graziano Mason, the founding Maquita Cushunchic. "Categorical father, nothing to narrow," said the presenter, before that, his companion noted: "And spontaneous, because this is the tribune of the people."

17:30. Repeat nine-minute radio interview made to the President for Public Radio. He says: "I am in the Police Hospital because I came Regiment Quito to try to see what happened. I tried to talk to people ... aggression was terrible, but very few people ... He reports that the Government would not take even one step back and when I tried to retire it was to prevent out ... Serum just yet ... I am recovering in hospital before returning to police Carondelet ...".

17:41. Rebroadcast the press conference of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces. Passed to set Gamatv where Carlos Ochoa says, presumably, police want to bring down the television antenna. We regret this attack on freedom of expression concerns. They say that the Court supports democracy and that the Assembly meeting scheduled to discuss the law was not given. In addition, the minister Doris Soliz has been interviewed on CNN. Reiterate the support of South American presidents and interview the director of the Internal Revenue Service, Carlos Marx Carrasco.

17:55. Give way to studies in Guayaquil and interview Agriculture Minister Ramon Espinel. There he was in town for an act of transfer of land to peasant organizations in the forecourt of Zonal Government. "At the news of what was happening, decided to move on foot from the Government of Guayas, was a real civic act (...). We spent the day with Governor handling the situation that has been taking place in Guayaquil, where fortunately the entire city has been in absolute calm. " Give way to a journalist in Carondelet. Talk Telecommunications Minister, Jaime Guerrero. Then the mayor Barrera, who says that a few minutes from the airport solved the problem.

18:03. On the set of EcuadorTV reads a manifesto of the National Court of Justice and interview Freddy Ehlers. He says he has spoken to the minister Jalkh and told that the President is in a good mood. "But is commanding the nation. From the place where he is preparing what to do and act ...", says Ehlers and then asked the police to lay down their attitude.

18:09. Enter the set a phone call from Correa. "I was watching an interview with Freddy and I wanted to say hello," says the president, and is in good health. "I heard the President say that Freddy is governing the nation from the hospital, and he"s right Freddy. All day I"ve been in contact with all sectors of the country ...".

He claims that out, "one block from the hospital, there are 100 thousand people (never passed the shots) repressed by the police." "Do you feel hijacked by these insurgents?" Asks the reporter. Correa: "Of course. Actually the first few hours could not (quit) because I had serum and were treating the leg, but a few hours ago I"m ready to go and I could not because they have not cleared the exit ... He says that as long as in fact there is nothing to remember. Not even think about bringing me something to sign, "sentence.

It has already declared a state of emergency. "The rescue operation to the President by special forces are ready for a while, I did not give permission for preventing loss of life ...". Note that there will be "no forgiveness or forgetting ..."; and" I leave here as president or as a corpse. "

18:22. It is reported that Jorge newsmonger the Ministry of Culture, has been shot. Ehlers again ask the police to reconsider. Give way to outdoor, with statements of Inspector of Police, Euclid Mantilla, who says the protesters: "There is a race to watch (...)". They link to Guayaquil, where the Governor, Colonel Ruales, Ricardo Antón, Council Transit, Jorge Gross, commander of Task Force No. 2, and Colonel Loaiza, who direct messages to the police and say that the military control the city.

18:33. They pass around pictures of people outside EcuadorTV. Guayaquil continue interviews, and after a while, journalists report that EcuadorTV has been invaded by members of the police. Then the presenter said to his companions attacked the master control. Pass images of Quito and after the incidents in Ecuador TV. Dan Hugo Quiroz step, the CONAJUPARE (Parish Council Meeting), which supports the government. Back to Guayaquil, Loaiza and Anton speak.

18:51. Passing shots of the assault on public TV. "It has been identified among the Pablo Guerrero, Lucio Gutierrez"s former lawyer," says the journalist, and is the group that entered the set. They let go María Alejandra Cevallos (MAC), who the journalist, arrives with Proaño and Maria Marcela Crespo.

18:56. MAC: "I would like to clarify that our break was perhaps a little violent ... because we come with every intention of asking to give us a space, since this is the only medium that is broadcast nationally (...) we are here to be known that there is only one side, which is what they have been transmitted. " That not all people in the Plaza Grande Quito is, but who arrived in buses and that those who entered the channel does not represent anybody. He complains that the Assembly will reach agreements that take time and then the President change texts (laws) and break everything and refers to the Public Service Act. "If the police decided to go out today to express is that they are unhappy ...". It tries to bring Pablo Guerrero, but the journalist says, "Come with images of what happens in the outside ...".

19:01. Pass images of the Presidency, the journalist said to be a citizen watch. Give way to Pablo Guerrero, but keeps the image of people in the Palacio de Carondelet. You hear the reporter say, "There is a problem because you violently broke ...". Guerrero says, "I want to thank you ...", space listening to an audio problem and sounds like a repeat of the two voices for a minute and the signal is short.

19:04. Gamatv signal takes the journalist Carlos Ochoa, expressing their protest against the assault on the facts EcuadorTV and encouraged by the police. Statements presented videos of Ruben Bravo, vice president of the Court of Justice and the ambassadors of Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, the United States and European Union. Read the newsletter of the Association of Cattlemen. Soon passed back images of what happens on the set of EcuadorTV.

19:11. It leads to the comptroller Carlos Polit is on the set of Gamatv. He says the Comptroller will investigate vandalism against public property. There he tried to enter the hospital to talk with Correa, but was prevented. He immediately joins the police on September 1 asset that presents as Wesley Leonardo Ochoa Merchán Reyes, who is with his head bandaged and a hospital gown. He says he was assaulted by other officers near the hospital ...

19:24. Ochoa says the president out in a few minutes, the same police van to escort Carondelet ... and returns to intervene politically. Pass images of the incidents in Quito and are repeating the interview with Public Radio Correa, then read several statements of support.

19:45. It leads to study in Guayaquil, where they speak Santiago Leon, president of the Customs, Javier Duran, the Federation of Chambers of Industry and Robert Cavanna, manager of the Postal Service of Ecuador. They repeat the video of the press conference of the Armed Forces. They recorded statements of Javier Ponce, the defense minister, Correa repeat the dialogue from the hospital when he was on the set of Ehlers EcuadorTV. While listening to the dialogue, put images of soldiers who are on the street to the hospital.

20:00. The chain of radio and TV is off...

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