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Publicado el: 10/09/2011
The story of the 3 policemen sentenced
The police Luis Martínez, Luis Bahamonde and Jaime Paucar received on Tuesday a devastating blow to their lives. The Third Criminal Chamber of the Court of Pichincha were convicted of attempting to assassinate President Rafael Correa, the police revolt of September 30th.

According to the judges of the Third Chamber, there is sufficient evidence to make ineffectual the lower court ruling that had declared them innocent. Therefore, sentenced to two years in prison.

But neither his supporters nor his family would accept that evidence sufficient to prove the assassination attempt against President Correa. Instead, they argue they should have been acquitted, as Colonel Cesar Carrion, former head of the Police Hospital, processed in the same case.

The damning opinion of the Third Chamber Executive used to say they have confirmed their thesis attempted assassination and coup during the 30-S. Moreover, in the form of gratitude, he invited to a luncheon yesterday at Carondelet witnesses, participants, journalists, family members and representatives of social groups that supported the Government in the 30-S. This act also accompanied some ministers of state.

In this scenario, hopes that the three uniformed definitely not be condemned exhausted. The appeal must be decided by the National Court of Justice.

Until that ruling, the three uniformed and his family are in distress. The following is a summary of their lives and a profile passing through the police.

The Bahamonde are indebted

Three and half years ago a band of disorganized estruchantes of houses and cars, in prisons (north of Quito). Then he faced criminals. But none of those cases led him, as his current situation, to take three daily tranquilizers: a pill and a half up and an equal dose at bedtime to sleep.

Rodolfo Luis Bahamonde, 28, is accused of spraying pepper spray to President Rafael Correa. Almost a year after the 30-S is not even out of the Police seconds. 15 days ago he was discharged this office he held for seven years. One of the three policemen sentenced to two years in prison for alleged "assassination attempt".

He denies it and asks that the former interior minister, Gustavo Jalkh, remember that saved it with another police do not know. "I took the shoulders, gave him a cigarette. We said thank you. How could I save him and attack Correa?." The 30-S, Bahamonde formed at 08:00 in the National Health, which is adjacent to Quito Regiment. He was dressed in civilian clothes and was a bodyguard and driver, from 08:00 to 16:30.

From October 15, 2010, when he was arrested, his family has had to get used to dealing with lawyers.

His father Luis Ramiro, a carpenter of 50 years, says she was conned by three assured that within a month his son would be free of charge. But he was jailed eight. Today it has bank debts of Guayaquil, Unibanco, Solidarity and Cooprogreso. Not reveal the amount.

Bahamonde spoke to this newspaper in the room of a house with two floors of the Kennedy itself, which acquired the support of his wife. She (was not present) has a business selling shoes. They have a car. From this month it no longer receives his salary of $ 720. His daughters are affected. Johana, 14, was not of the school year, the tenth of basic repeats. The girl, Nicole, 4, told his pre-kindergarten teacher that her father was in prison.

The family visited on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in the Penal Garcia Moreno.

The grandfather is broken at several points in the talk. He joined Alianza Pais in the first presidential campaign. So for months tried to get an audience with him. But the adviser Francisco de la Torre gave long. Then he wanted to participate in Saturday"s a link, but says he was deceived. Carondelet Once told he would be in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas. He traveled on Saturday. Once there knew that was recorded on Friday, Sangolquí. He lives in Conocoto.

"How are they going to prosecute three police troop if senior leaders never gave the face. Do not try beating a dead horse, to reflect Mr. President," he says. And asked to review what was said by the experts. His son was five feet away from Correa and said he did not try to assault him, point blank, but with gas to disperse people.

On Monday last appeal the sentence. The father says police intelligence is the family. Recognizes two men who have been behind them, on a motorcycle, on three occasions. In one confronted them and they denied everything, but their phones recognized seal of the entity.

Paucar"s mother asks for clemency

With eyes full of tears and the anguish with which you were convicted of her son, Maria Susana Gualotuña calls on President Rafael Correa to meet the pardon had been offered. The situation out on active service, Marco Vinicio Paucar has been a very difficult test for this humble woman.

"If God, being God forgive, I ask the same to the President. He also has a mother, daughter and sister who thinks that we are living," says heartbroken.

Paucar, accused of attempted assassination, comes from a family who was born in Amaguaña (Rumiñahui). He is married to Ana Llumiquinga and three years ago had their first child.
His mother is a housewife and his father a bricklayer. His uncle is Paucar Ruben who has been at the forefront of the state of uniform.

On Tuesday, the Third Chamber of the Court reversed the ruling of Pichincha, in the first instance, the Fifth Court of Criminal Guarantees issued stating Paucar innocent. The Provincial Court decided to sentence him to two years in prison because, prosecutors concluded their investigation, he removed the gas mask from the face of Correa.
The mother insists that he did not commit this offense Paucar, but fell into "the mistake of approaching himself to play the President."

Then his brother interrupts: "That is no reason to treat them as the worst offenders" says annoyed tone.

Paucar Ruben said that on Tuesday when three men were arrested and imprisoned in the Judicial Police for two hours, were outside of this institution three trucks, three patrol cars, four motorcycles and 30 members of the GOE. "This monitoring will only put the most dangerous criminals and my nephew is not."

They assert that night they took illegally detained because he wants to do justice with three low-ranking policemen. "Why so far do not appear among the accused senior officers should have organized the revolt?" He asks.

Paucar joined the ranks of the National Police four years ago, but its future is uncertain. He is supporting his family.

While your case is cleared up, after defining the process of appeal and third, is barred from serving as a policeman. They must also deal with debts that the family has had to buy for his defense.

Paucar Reuben further said that his nephew "has been very concerned, we have to look after, as sometimes thought to disappear from the world."

The hopes of the family "very few", but say they will "continue the fight." The defendant still has the appeal to appeal the sentence of two years. His lawyer Hugo Aulestia present this appeal before the National Court of Justice on Monday.

However, her mother never tires of reminding President Correa allegedly offered to ask pardon when the conviction of all those responsible for the revolt of 30-S.

The anguish and sadness is heightened when he recalls Gualotuña still in the game"s innocence and freedom of her son. "The sentence is now, now ask for the freedom and tranquility of my family."

Martinez claims that the pressure to deliver

Does not hide his discomfort with the decision of the Third Chamber of the Court of Pichincha. Police Sergeant Luis Martinez was accused of being the instigator and masterminding the assassination attempt on 30-S. But he says he will fight for your honor "and is the last thing to do."

His name is one that has sounded in this year"s research. Last February, the former agent of the Operational Support Group said it gave "voluntarily" to the Justice to advance research. He was convinced of his innocence and that President Correa had guaranteed a fair trial. Met with the then Attorney Washington Pesantez, who told his version of events.

But Martinez believes that the facts of 30-S can not be exhausted his sentence and that there were high-ranking officials to whom they are not investigated. He prefers not to name names, not supply documents. From the food court of a sports center in Quito, Martinez said he received pressure to surrender to justice.
For example, reports that her daughter was kidnapped by a greater police as a sample of the threats he received.

The case against Martinez has had ups and downs. Besides being the only one of the soldiers who gave, his attorney did not accompany the last days of the final hearing, citing health problems.

Her case is complex because the research concludes that his voice was identified as one that INITIATIVE from radio patrol the brawl. A Martinez is credited with saying: "Kill the President Kill the President", but he denies.

Martinez is a native of Imbabura and has two daughters, 22 and 19 years. His mother, 80, and his younger sister live Ibarra. Martinez says they have suffered much to the point, even to affect his health.

Prefer not to give more details of its intimate setting, because he fears for his integrity. His eldest daughter, who is studying law at university, was the one who suffered the alleged kidnapping by a higher order of Police, done that, however, denounced it when it finally was delivered.

This situation, he explains, has been very difficult for her. "She did not want to leave the streets alone, I know we go chasing the orders of superiors."

The officer specializing in research, because he worked in groups of special police forces for 25 years.

In the coming days will present the appeal before the National Court of Justice, although he thinks that "the decision to take the law does not give me hope."

It will also go to an international organization to which to compare his voice again, Live recordings of 30-S. "The conclusion reached by that institution will be the one I will abide me."

Other investigations. Martinez is also investigated for alleged links with a criminal gang and alleged violation of the GAO DD.HH. operations.
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